Caustic Comedy Nights, Presents: ‘The Purge’

Show Location to be determined.

Edinburgh Fringe, 3-26/8/2018

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018, 3-26 August

This comedy cultivation project books and programs live stand-up comedians that describe there jokes as thought provoking, well crafted and cutting edge. Caustic Comedy Nights – The sharper end a comedy.

The Caustic Comedic Collaborators have included DaveThompson(UK) • JoJo Georgiou(US) • Bob Slayer(UK) • Ria Lina(UK) • Troy Alan(US) • Matt Price(UK) • Jamie Bowen(NZ) • Daniel Ryan Spaulding(CAN) • Rahul Kohli(UK) • Will Dunnan(UK) • Will Franken(US) • Glenn Wool(CAN) • Pete Johansson(CAN) • President Obonjo(LR) • Simon Caine(UK) • Chris Norton Walker(UK) • Ray Badran(AU) • Kirk Smith(US) • Stephen Carlin (Scot) • Ben Mccarthy(AU) • George Zacharopoulos(GR) • Ruth Cockburn(UK) • Seymour Mace(UK) and many many more.

  • Live Int. Stand-up Comedy bookings
  • Line-up, (PRO-)Solo & Double mainacts
  • 45-60min of Caustic Humour per showproduction!
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