This stand-up comedy cultivation project and brand-name ‘Caustic Comedy’ is actually based on a particular form of humour; comedy that is acerbic, corrosive and cutting-edge, could be a tad dark, or: biting as the word Caustic itself suggests.

Sarah Callaghan(UK)

Will Franken(US)

Aidan Goatley(UK)

President Obonjo(LR)

Ray Badran(AU)

Glenn Wool(CAN)

Pete Johansson(CAN)

Dave Thompson(UK)

JoJo Georgiou(US)

Bob Slayer(UK)

Ria Lina(UK)

Troy Alan(US)

Matt Price(UK)

Jamie Bowen(NZ)

Daniel Ryan Spaulding(CAN)

Rahul Kohli(UK)

Jim Smallman(UK)

Will Dunnan(UK)

Simon Caine(UK)

Chris Norton Walker(UK)

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