Caustic Comedy Cultivation Project

Core business
Caustic Comedy Events, is an Instigator; Producer, Booking agency, Festival-Theatre Talent Buyer, Promoter and Impresario all rapped into one. We book and produce steller live International English Speaking Stand-up Comedy Shows, at the drop of my hat!…

Joshua Wildenberg, Instigator

“Thìs stagecraft comedy cultivation project describes as thought-provoking, well-crafted and cutting edge, or: is aimed at the audience member who really appreciates darkened biting humour, but demands originality!”

Our Caustic Comedy Night(s) should become synonymous with (background) storylines by the performing artists that we represent and truly describe this humorous stagecraft project. I also book international TV acts and hosts.

Show dates
All our announcements and imagery (Posters, Flyers, Banners etc.) run from this site’s landing page as for on our Social media channels.

Caustic Comedy
Established in early May of 2010. Caustic Comedy Events is now a comedy agency that promotes (exclusive) live stand-up comedy (showcase-) events.  We work with well respected comedians, and with off-and-on assisting co-producer(s) and colleague agencies who feature high-end names in the International Comedy Industry. Mostly within the local comedy season between August and May, but also active abroad. Without exception, I am available 365 days an year.

Caustic Comedy has thus far worked on an unremunerated basis with the noteworthy support of hired graphic designers (textile-) printing & distribution companies. We also get to work with and facilitate interaction between TV Production Houses, PR’s, Publicists, Editors, Photographers, Reviewers, Journalists and Comedic Journalists, and much more.

Potential Sponsor(s) / To purchase list
Advertising & Sponsor rate card is avalable on request
Goal Zero Yeti 1400 plus Solar Panels Kit
2x QSC K12.2
2x QSC kW 181
Zero 88 FLX S24 2U, Or: Cuelux + Laptop

*Plus side equipment like: Covers, Cables, Software and new Wheeled Flight Cases.

Depending on the location a fixed support team together with cameraman/editor is optional. I also work closely with audio engineers and lighting technicians if not doing the Tech myself and will always bring the standard comedic cutlery, of Microphone types Sennheiser E935E845-S , a PA mic, and with our trustworthy and so-called, round based one hand mic stand, with some cables.

On request i can also bring my Alan & Heath Zed 14 Mixer + Flight case, Floor pars, and Theatre Follow spot.

Marketing & Promotion            
We will ensure that each event has appropriate press releases depending on the offered budget; we will then also offer audio and video clips for further exposure via the press, (internet-) radio, TV, and social media channels all in efforts to secure the pre-production processes of our stand-up comedy show productions themselves.

I will always try to lookout what IS possible for every suitable event situation.

Bullet Points

  • We fly-in all of our top shelved acts.
  • All of our live shows are English speaking.
  • On request; I can also deliver Dutch Main or Closing Acts, against a forty per cent added pricing of the box office, or: over the applicable guarantee, whichever is the greater.
  • Caustic Comedy will continue to strive for inclusiveness in almost all of its programming.
  • We’re the only ones with a Caustic Humour genre guarantee.
  • Caustic Comedy is dedicated to finding ‘your‘ supreme Stand-up Comedians autonomously, and also on request; against a forty per cent added pricing of the box office, or: over the applicable guarantee, whichever is the greater.
  • On request; we also supply tailor-made or themed shows, against a forty per cent added pricing of the box office, or: over the applicable guarantee, whichever is the greater.
  • Our Company/Corporate rate is on an offer basis only; and comes with a suitable corporate host or Closing Act(s) aimed at your conference(s) and business meeting(s), against a forty per cent added pricing of the box office, or: over the applicable guarantee, whichever is the greater.
  • Caustic aims to maintain and cultivate the subgenre and humour form that actually-IS, Caustic Comedy!
  • Even more so our headliner stand-up comedians often have exclusive (offline) programming and or multimedia content, Starred Industry Reviews, Awards and TV/Media credits in their biographies.

This picture was taken during The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in a 150 seater theater of which we ticked off a full run of live show events from 3-26 August 2018. This was also our very first UK/Scot Comedy Festival mini-tour; that got sold out during the Leicester Comedy Festival, were we ticked off Brighton Fringe and last but not least, the biggest festival in the world called, The Edinburgh Festival Fringe in Scotland! These were priced shows.

Do you tip off writing press? Please send us a mail via

For Theatres & Festival bookings, please mail to

Other bookings
Interested in an English spoken act for a special occasion? Then it’s best to send your request to

Free call & SMS
Call Joshua directly, via WhatsApp free call [App] to
00316 485 3355 7

Remuneration policy
Caustic Comedy Events is a not for profit organization that is partially operated by volunteers. The organization itself does not receive a or any reward privately nor professionally for their duties as a crew nor by its (board-) member(s). Costs incurred will be reimbursed. Artists and partners receive payments based on bargaining and/or based on partage(s). In advance, this is determined and also determines who is at risk of insufficient public interest, and thus this project does not aim for profits and is on a basic expense basis, with receipts. Earnings are reinvested and have been standardized from its first season onwards.

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