Caustic Comedy Cultivation Project

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Caustic Comedy Events is an impresario and booking agency that aspires to produce stellar International English speaking stand-up comedy show productions.

Caustic Comedy are open to supply show-productions, towards; (corporate) groups, companies, public/commercial and local television, (online)radio stations as for festivals, theatres, nightclubs, grand cafes, comedy clubs, and various other venue and studio rooms.

For our Caustic Comedy Nights I always try to book club-acts that have not played nationally, are passing through, and/or are a non-resident.

Thus I strive to offer ‘unique’ professional comedy show-programmings with bonafide pro-comedians, preferably with out of this world life-stories or with unique characteristics or that might have outstanding (background) storylines that could or should describe this project jus nicely.


Whenever scouting for acts or locations or when clients show interest I will as part of the provided service and preferably in a personal approach discuss the client’s needs by phone or in person, to then send the summarized confirmation-mail afterwards.

We’ll also inspect and examine the proposed showroom in a standard expectancy appointment. In consultation, we’ll also provide a custom-made expectancy expenditure with earnings model for your soon to be evening-filled live stand-up comedy show-programing.


A live stand-up comedy night is a wonderful opportunity for making new friends, as for enjoying ace comedians perform their quick-witted well-crafted cutting edge comedy, but within its own humour form.


The stage art itself is mostly a jocular experience in front of a live audience where the performer uses little more than a microphone, comedic spoken word and his or her (humorous) stagecraft to provoke laughter and make us see the funny side of life. Live stand-up comedy is characterized by punchlines, storylines, mimicry, (social) satire, popculture, incidental politics, Sarcasm, observational comedy, anecdotes and/or a series of one-liner jokes.


The first International Stand-up Comedians appeared in the Netherlands via the UK in the mid-’80s and later on from the US. This subgenre and humour form ‘Caustic Humour’ of this stage artform ‘Stand-up Comedy’ plays an ever growing part in the global entertainments industry where the current focal point seems to lay on the international comedy(night-)club circuits that are out there.


In 2019 Caustic is celebrating its ninth event season right after our very first UK mini-festival 2018 tour along Leicester, Brighton (seaside) and the Scottish Edinburgh. And we’re now heading for our very first decade in EU/UK comedy.
At Caustic Comedy, we will try to uphold our promise to build up and deliver seasonal-based performances. Our aim is to bring the international Caustic Stand-up Comedy subgenre to a broader audience, in cooperation with many different organizations, co-promoters and venues that contribute to this cause.


We can  also on request set up an international Stand-up comedy, improvisation and writing workshop for new and established comedians by our professional all-around London based comedy coach, Logan Murray(UK), whom is a reference point in the UK and international TV and comedy circuits.

Caustic Comedy Cultivation Project

Caustic Comedy

Established in May of 2011, Caustic Comedy Events is an independent production company that promotes and produces exclusive live stand-up comedy showcase events. We get to work with reputable comedians and colleague agencies who represent first-class performers in the field featuring top names of the international comedy circuit, all in favor to go all out.


Caustic Comedy Works on an unremunerated basis, soon to be a legal person. With the noteworthy support of some graphic designers for our poster and online designs, together with (textile-)printing & distribution companies, and with the occasional local co-promoter. We also get to work with and facilitate interaction between reviewers, PR’s, publicists, editors, journalists. We also get to work with theatre and festival programmers, all in efforts to guarantee the production processes of our stand-up comedy show productions themselves.


I work closely with a sound engineer and light technician if not doing the tech myself and will always bring the the comedic cutlery (mics, cables, micstand). Depending on the location we sometimes can work as part of a fixed support team together with cameraman/editor. We always try to ensure that each event has an appropriate press release and also audio and video clips for further exposure. And depending on the offered budget we then offer a wide PR package via press, (internet-)radio, TV, and social media.


Remuneration policy

Caustic Comedy Events is partially run by volunteers. The organisation itself does not receive a or any reward privately nor professionally for their duties as a crew nor its future (board)member(s) and associates. Costs incurred will be reimbursed. Artists and partners receive payments on the basis of bargaining or on the basis of receipts or partage(s) and/or out of direct ticket sales. In advance, this is determined and also determines who is at risk of insufficient public interest, and thus this project does not aim for profits and is on a basic expense basis. Earnings are reinvested and have been standardized from its first season onwards.


Nine Bullet Points

  • We fly in top acts for all of our live shows.
  • All our live show productions are International English speaking and aims for inclusiveness.
  • We’re the only ones with a Caustic Humour genre guarantee
  • Caustic Comedy is dedicated to finding supreme Stand-up Comedians.
  • Hence Caustic aims to maintain the subgenre and humour form that actually ìs Caustic Comedy.
  • Even more our headliner stand-up comedians often have exclusive (offline) programming and or multimedia content and TV credits.


*Picture was taken at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018, with 23 live shows (3-26 August) during this first UK Comedy Festival minitour.


Our concept, themed or showcase nights:  


THΞ PUЯGΞ ✯ ‘An Unlawfully Funny Comedy Night’


TöLL SHOW ‘The Metal Version Of The Gong Show’

More will follow




Soon to be active, Soft and grand opening will follow asap, but can still take time due to sideprojects that are intwined.

Dates: via this site as for simultaneous announcements on socialmedia channels.

Intimate, 50-150,200-350 seater venues is what i tend to go after, lively international expat and student city’s.

Possible steady venue:

Bar name: Vreemde Streken
Bevrijdingsstraat 38, 6703 AA
Region: Wageningen, Central, Holland/The Netherlands

*The clubname derived from the old barname before the renewal, and is also a cool comedy album!
**Vreemde Streken translates as ‘weird shenanigans’ as for ‘odd regions’

Many Thanks! for taking the time to study our landing page.
Hope to see you guys at one of our comedy liveshows, at
Comedyclub – Accross the street!


Joshua Wildenberg, Initiator

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