Caustic Comedy presents

PRO Stand-Up Comedian:

Simon King(CAN) + Support

LIVE International English speaking Stand-up Comedy

May 20th, 2017, Start: 20:00/8PM until 3.00

The Comedian, himself:

This is Simon King !

These Simon King’s quotations were actually written by comedians Doug Stanhope ánd Robin Williams :

“Having seen Simon perform many times I have been incredibly impressed with his unique talent. From everything I have seen Simon is truly a gifted comedian.”

By character comedian   ROBIN WILLIAMS

“Wicked f***KING funny!”

by fellow Caustic Comedian: DOUG STANHOPE


[review article] “Finally, Simon King entered the room and, almost as soon as he started speaking, the crowd was roaring with laughter. And the laughter never quieted. King is pure genius…. He never comes off as arrogant, but simply remains likable. And when he topped of his time with a message to the audience about the way people need to be living their lives, it was a poignant moment that proved he cares about what he does. He doesn’t take the stage for granted. He uses it to make us laugh and make us think. And that comparison to George Carlin is not to be taken lightly. King could very well become as influential to comedy as Carlin was… It’s not very often a comedian comes along who can perform and write that well. Simon King is a rare talent.” – (Review crew) The Comedy Killers 

     AFTER PARTY SHOW PROGRAMMING                  

all-nighter visuals by AZXXL

On decks :


Deefdelic is a veteran DJ with an ‘underground’ label called “DELIC-TRAXX” where he experiments with his own releases. He released 15 EP’s and 3 albums on “Valley Doll Records” which is a label from Perth in Australia. Since the young of but 15! years of age Dave has been involved with mostly illegal parties and raves from the early 90s onwards and got inspired by the Rotterdam venue Parkzicht. In the last 20 years he has been producing, but also DJing incidentally under his Alter EGO: H.R.T. (Hard Raving Terror) and under his main artist name ‘Deefdelic’ to what he calls ‘Deep Space Tech’ as a Minimal (House-) DJ.



In a former factory…

Midst and ín an industrial environment

Cultural Hatchery or ‘Broedplaats’


Biesenwal 3, 6211 AD, Maastricht.

(Far-Southern Province of Limburg, NL)


Caustic Comedic Collaborators, have included :

Dave Thompson(UK), JoJo Georgiou(US), Bob Slayer(UK), Ria Lina(UK), Troy Alan(US), Matt Price(UK), Jamie Bowen(NZ), Daniel Ryan Spaulding(CAN), Rahul Kohli(UK), Jürgen Strack(UK)

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