The Caustic Comedy Cultivation Project

Books, scouts, programs and cultivates international English speaking live Caustic stand-up comedy show productions.
Seeing a live stand-up caustic comedy show for the first time is a great opportunity for making new friends as well as enjoying our ace comedians perform their quick-witted well-crafted cutting edge comedy. Stand-up is a jocular experience in front of a live audience where the artist uses little more than a microphone, comedic spoken word and (humorous) stagecraft to provoke laughter and make us see the funny side of life. The first International Stand-up Comedians appeared in the Netherlands via the UK in the mid-80s and later on from the US.
In 2019 Caustic Comedy is celebrating it’s ninth season and are heading for our very first decade in EU/UK comedy. At Caustic we will try to uphold our promise to build up and deliver seasonal-based performances. In January we will relaunch from a new venue mids the cultural heart of Utrecht, Holland/The Netherlands, with shows every other month, on the last Thursday of that same month.
Caustic Comedy Events is an independent production company that also promotes and produces exclusive themed concept live stand-up comedy showcase events. Caustic Comedy is an army of but one, Soon to be a legal person. And comes with the ‘possible’ noteworthy support of; designers, printing and distribution companies. And with co-promoters, PRs, publicists, editors, journalists. As for the venue, theatre and festival programmers, artists, artist agencies, representatives, and others.

*Picture was taken at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2018, with 23 live shows (3-26 August) during this first UK Comedy Festival minitour.

The Nine Bullet Points
  • New! – Pay As You Feel (PAYF)
  • We fly in top acts for all of our live shows.
  • NEW – Are our concept and themed showcase nights.
  • The venue is centrally located in a Expat and Student hot spot.
  • All our live show productions are International Englishspeaking.
  • We’re the only ones with a Caustic Humour genre guarantee, because we could.
  • Dedicated to finding supreme Caustic Stand-up Comedians.
  • Hence Caustic aims to maintain the subgenre and humour form that actually ìs Caustic Comedy.
  • Even more our headliner stand-up comedians often have exclusive (offline) programming and multimedia content ‘n TV credits.

Here’s to your amusing possibly laugh out loud evening!

THΞ PUЯGΞ ✯ ‘An Unlawfully Funny Comedy Night’

TöLL SHOW ‘The Metal Version Of The Gong Show’

THΞ ƆⱯNNⱯTONIƆ ✯ ‘An Stunningly Talented Open Mic Night’

Stephen Carlin(Scot)

Finally, the other comedic collaborators have included:
Stephen Carlin(Scot) • Glenn Wool(CAN) • Ben Mccarthy(AU) • Pete Johansson(CAN) • Kirk Smith(US) • Ria Lina(UK) • George Zacharopoulos(GR) • Dave Thompson(UK) • JoJo Georgiou(US) Bob Slayer(UK) • Daniel Ryan Spaulding(CAN) • Rahul Kohli(UK) • Chris Norton Walker(UK) • Jamie Bowen(NZ) • Will Franken(US) • Seymour Mace(UK) • President Obonjo(LR) • Simon Caine(UK) • Ruth Cockburn(UK) • Ray Badran(AU) • And many others.
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