The brand-name ‘Caustic Comedy’ is actually based on a particular form of humour; comedy that is acerbic, corrosive and cutting-edge, could be a tad dark, or: biting as the word Caustic itself suggests. Caustic Comedy Events is an independent organization specialized in live international stand-up comedy show-productions.


2018 Festivals

Leicester Comedy Festival(UK)
Brighton Fringe Festival(UK)
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland
Capital of Culture Leeuwarden (NL)

Theatres (NL)
Vorstelijk Theater Zuilen

Previous Festival Bookings
Into The Wyldes, Cornwall (UK)
Free Fringe, Brighton (UK)
Festival of Fools, NDSM (NL)
Wageningen 750, Wageningen (NL)


Remuneration policy

Caustic Comedy Events is run by volunteers only. They receive no reward for this purpose. The organisation itself does not receive a or any reward privately nor professionally for their duties as a crew nor its future (board)member(s) and associates. Costs incurred will be reimbursed.
Artists and partners receive payments on the basis of bargaining or on the basis of receipts or partage(s) and/or out of direct ticket sales. In advance this is determined and also determines who is at risk of insufficient public interests, and thus this project does not aim for any profits and is on a basic expense basis. Everything is reinvested or has already been spent prior and has been standardized from its first season onwards.


Our shows are a jocular experience featuring a different line-up each time and we are busy setting up a lively fanbase and loyal crowd. Caustic Comedy Events are also a great opportunity for making new friends as well as enjoying first class stand-up comedy. We fly in top acts for all of our professional shows.
Established in May of 2011, Caustic Comedy Events has produced thirty one international stand-up comedy shows and works with both individual comedians and colleague agency’s who represent first class artists in the field featuring top names from the international comedy circuits.

Definition of Stand-Up Comedy

Stand-up comedy is a performance art in which the artist uses little more than spoken word, a microphone and stagecraft to provoke laughter and make us see the funny side of life. Often there is thought-provoking or a socially critical undertone. Stand-up Comedy first came to the Netherlands via the UK in the mid 80’s and later from the US. Stand-up comedy plays an ever growing part in the global entertainments industry. Live stand-up comedy is characterized by both humourous storylines, mimicry, satire, sarcasm, observational comedy, anecdotes or a series of ‘oneliner’jokes.


Our aim is to bring international Caustic Stand-up Comedy to a broader audience, in cooperation with many different organisations, promoters and venues that contribute to this cause.

Professional Shows

Our superb live shows are approximately 90 minutes in duration. (Actual stage time). 2 halves of 45 minutes each and with an optional intermission. Each PRO show features up until 3 comedians plus a top-flight headliner. The evenings are hosted by one of our many excellent MC’s who will guide the audiences though a great evening of amusement.


We supply stand-up comedy productions for festivals, theatres, clubs, grand cafes, cruise-liners and many other locations. Tell us what you need and we will offer a custom made comedy show which will suit your venue or event ideally.

Production & Mediation

Caustic Comedy events facilitates interaction between representatives, artists and venues in order to guarantee the production of first rate stand-up comedy shows. Each show can feature up to 9 performers.

Promotion & PR

We offer a wide PR package via press,(internet-)radio, TV and social media. We also have a team of graphic designers for poster and online designs. We always ensure that each event has an appropriate press release and also audio and video clips for further exposure. We also work closely with a textile printing company, cameraman/editor, a sound engineer and light technician as part of a fixed support team.

Comedy Course

In 2018 we will be setting up a comedy course for both new and established comedians with a professional comedy coach from London, Logan Murray. Title: ‘Comedy Courses by comedian and author, Logan Murray’. Professional Stand-up comedy, improvisation and writing course/workshop.

C.A.S.A. (Comedy Artist Services & Accommodations)

From our home office location we help to map out tours within the EU with particular attention paid to the needs of the comedian. We work closely with travel and accommodation agencies to ensure the best possible arrangements for our acts.

Open: Every day 09:00AM til 9:00PM (GMT+1)
Please feel free to contact us for more information about our booking inquiries.
Skypename: CausticComedy
0031 6 485 33557 (Whatsapp & Viber freecall)

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