The project and brand-name ‘Caustic Comedy’ is actually based on a particular form of humour; comedy that is acerbic, corrosive and cutting-edge, could be a tad dark, or: biting as the word Caustic itself suggests.
Caustic Comedy Events is an independent organization specialized in live international stand-up comedy show-productions.

The Latest, Bar & TV Station

Royal Theatre Zuilen

Art Nouveaux (Jugendstil-) Theatre: ´The Four Pelicans´


The Wygston’s House

(Oldest Standing House of Leicester)

This was by far the most memorable and coolest location for us and at the time even we DID NOT know about the haunting sections of this building but luckily for us; neither we, the public nor staff noticed anything unusual during our live shows and were a great success nonetheless. On our best and but second shownight we drew in 70! people and we almost sold out!!

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