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“Caustic Comedy is an modern live events comedy stagecraft project of which our preforming acts describe as thought-provoking, well-crafted and cutting edge, or: is aimed at the audience member who appreciates witted humour with the demand of originality!”

Caustic Comedy Night(s) should become synonymous with out-of-this-world background storylines by the performing artists that we indirectly represent and truly describe this humorous stagecraft project.

I also program international TV Comedians.

In early May of 2010, Ì Joshua Wildenberg started promoting live stand-up comedy (showcase-) events.

Thus far we got to work with well-respected mostly travelling professional comedians, with local promoters and assisting co-producer(s) as for colleague agencies whom add feature high-end names in the International Comedy Industry.

Caustic Comedy Events partially functions as a Booker, but during the Cojona I will also begin to work as a Digital Content Producer till Digi Club Owner kickstarting somewhere in 2021. Without exception, I am available 365 days a year, on every day from 9 till 9 local Dutch/Amsterdam time.

Caustic Comedy has worked since its foundation on an unremunerated basis with the noteworthy support of hired graphic designers, (textile-) printing & distribution companies.

We also get to facilitate interaction between TV Production Houses, PR’s, Publicists, Editors, Photographers, Reviewers and Journalists.

I tend to work closely with audio engineers and lighting technicians if not doing the Tech myself and will always bring the basic comedic cutlery of Microphone types Sennheiser E935E845- S, a PA mic, and our trustworthy and so-called ground-based one hand mic stand.

As a courtesy and as an optional setup at for instance an (on-)location site I can also involve a third party, or I can lend my own Alan & Heath Zed 14 Channelled Mixer, Floor pars, Theatre Follow spot, army grade extension field leads mabe some camonetting till even some of that green screen paint.

Marketing & Promotion
We will try to ensure that each event has the appropriate press releases; to then also offer audio and video clips for further exposure via the press, (internet-) radio, TV, and or social media channels all in efforts to ensure the pre-productional processes of our stand-up comedy show productions will go exceedingly.

I will always strive to look out for, what IS possible for your event situation or (Digi)setup.    There is no video footage of past live shows unless specified.

Remuneration policy
Caustic Comedy Events is partially run by volunteers. The organisation itself does not receive a or any reward privately nor professionally for its duties as a crew nor its (board)member(s). Costs incurred will be reimbursed. Artists and partners receive payments based on bargaining or based on receipts or partage(s). In advance, this is determined and also determines who is at risk of insufficient public interest, and thus this project does not aim for profits and is on a basic expense basis. Earnings are reinvested and have been standardized from its first season onwards.

Thank you for reading up upon this landing page.

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