The project and brand-name ‘Caustic Comedy’ is actually based on a particular form of humour; comedy that is acerbic, corrosive and cutting-edge, could be a tad dark, or: biting as the word Caustic itself suggests.
Caustic Comedy Events is an independent organization specialized in live international stand-up comedy show-productions.

Festivals in 2018

Leicester Comedy Festival (UK)
Brighton Fringe Festival (UK)
Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Scotland
Leeuwarden-Friesland European Capital of Culture 2018 (NL)

Theatres (NL)
Vorstelijk Theater Zuilen

Previous Festival Bookings
Into The Wyldes, Cornwall (UK)
Free Fringe, Brighton (UK)
Festival of Fools, NDSM (NL)
Wageningen 750, Wageningen (NL)

NL - Venue Bookings
Steakhouse Cunera, Rhenen (in 2018!)
De Dock, Pipe Bar Café, Nijmegen
Veronicaschip, Amsterdam
Cafe de Vijfpoort, Terschelling
Cafe de Zaaier, Wageningen
Cafe de Overkant, Wageningen

Free Spaces/Cultural Hatcheries (Alternative crowds)
Landbouwbelang, Maastricht
Bajesdorp, Amsterdam
Ship of Fools, Amsterdam
ACU, Utrecht
ADM, Amsterdam
NDSM, Amsterdam

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