NL Venues in 2019

ACU – Utrecht, To be determined.

Festivals in 2018 Previous Festival Bookings
Previous Festival Bookings
Festival of Fools, NDSM (NL)
Wageningen 750, Wageningen (NL)
Early - NL Venue Bookings
De Dock, Pipe Bar Café, Nijmegen
Veronicaschip, Amsterdam
Cafe de Vijfpoort, Terschelling
Cafe de Zaaier, Wageningen
Cafe de Overkant, Wageningen

Free Spaces/Cultural Hatcheries (Alternative crowds)
Landbouwbelang, Maastricht
Bajesdorp, Amsterdam
Ship of Fools, Amsterdam
ACU, Utrecht
ADM, Amsterdam
NDSM, Amsterdam

This comedy cultivation project books and programs stand-up comedians that describe as thought provoking well crafted and cutting edge.

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