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Glenn Wool(CAN)

2019 [NL] Caustic Venues 

ACU – Utrecht, January 29th. (Soon the poster)

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Festivals in 2018

Leicester Comedy Festival, Feb 7th until Feb 25th
Brighton Fringe Festival (UK), May 5th till June 3rd
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Scotland, Aug 3rd until Aug 26th (23 consec. shows)
ADM Festival, Amsterdam, Sep 20-22nd

Theatre Festival booking (UK) 
The Aquila Temple, Roman Eagle Lodge 2 

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Other Festival Bookings
Wageningen 750, Wageningen (NL)


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De Dock, Pipe Bar Café, Nijmegen
Veronicaschip, Amsterdam
Cafe de Vijfpoort, Terschelling
Cafe de Zaaier, Wageningen
Cafe de Overkant, Wageningen

Free Spaces/Cultural Hatcheries (Alternative crowds)
Landbouwbelang, Maastricht
Bajesdorp, Amsterdam
Ship of Fools, Amsterdam
ACU, Utrecht
ADM, Amsterdam
NDSM, Amsterdam

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